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menu parameters explanation

Single slot
Consecutive slots
Non consecutive slots
Fixed slots

New reservation status defines what status new reservations will have. Below are explanations of statuses.

Paid - slot is reserved in frontend and in backend labeled as paid.

Reserved - slot is reserved in frontend but not labeled as yet paid in backend.

Waiting - slot is not reserved in frontend and not labeled as paid. Users can reserve this slot multiple times until it becomes paid or reserved.

Price currency used in frontend calendar price display and also for payments, i.e paypal.

Use this option if you want to turn on or disable payment methods display on frontend.

Clock format is shown in the frontend area for user. You can define different clock variations.

For instance, hh:mm a for American time ( 2:35 PM ). HH:mm will display European time ( 14:35 ).

To see all available formats check link below:


Disables reservation in advanced for selected amount of days.

Check example below if this parameters is set to 4 and todays date is 2017-09-15.

Depending on the selection, bottom element will display money or hours, like in the example below:

Choose if show full reservation time or just time of beginning

Saves reservations to google calendar. Before using this, you have to download google library from HERE. And then setup according to this tutorial

Add custom text for google calendar events, same variables as for email message and PDF invoice can be used.

Enable this parameter to use slots for time intervals. If this option is disabled parameters below won't work.

Display number of slots available for time interval

This paramter allows user to select how many slots to reserve.

Enable this parameter to multiply total price by slot amount. Total amount was 40, after selecting 4 slots, it became 160 euros.